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Meet your Career Coach

I have spent most of my personal career and experiences helping my clients overcome various obstacles in their career and lives. My approach is to provide them with the support and coaching to champion and thrive in their career. This is done through various mindset shifts, career success changes and career advancement.

Hi! My name is Sheila aka Coach Shei.

I have managed to uncover the secrets throughout my career that led me from a unfulfilled customer service role to a thriving career as a senior HR professional. I believe and know that there isn't a "catch-all" method or single approach that works for everyone. So, I continue to educate myself on the ever changing trends in the job market and apply them to my career. I then in turn, provide the most effective coaching tailor fit to my clients.

My primary goal is to help women of color champion her career and boldly thrive in every aspect of their lives.

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, a MBA (Masters of Business Administration)

  • Masters of Human Resources

  • Ten successful years of experience in Human Resources.

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